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1P Seller

A seller using Amazon's Vendor Central platform to sell directly to Amazon at wholesale prices. Registration is by invitation only.

3P Seller

A seller using the self-service Seller Central Platform which allows a brand to sell directly to consumers on Amazon with more overall brand oversight using the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program.


A-to-Z Guarantee

A program on Amazon that guarantees the condition and timely delivery of products sold by third-party (3P) sellers (See 3P Seller). Under the A-to-Z guarantee umbrella, Amazon customers may be eligible for a refund if a product does not arrive as promised.

A/B Testing

AKA "split testing," wherein two variations of content are compared and contrasted to better understand performance sales, metrics, and conversion rates.

A+ Content

A free premium content layout available for first-party (1P) sellers on Amazon. A+ content integrates high quality images and rich product descriptions to better inform Amazon customers before purchasing.

A9 Algorithm

The A9 Search Engine model that Amazon uses to determine which products will rank higher in search results based on sales conversions.

Account Health

A benchmark for all Amazon sellers that includes performance targets and policies that must be adhered to in order to continue selling on the Amazon marketplace. Included in the account health metrics are product policy compliance, shipping performance, and customer service performance.


Advertising Cost of Sales. This is a key metric used to measure the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and Campaigns. This statistic shows the percentage of attributed sales spent on advertising. To calculate, simply divide total ad spend by total sales: ACoS = ad spend ÷ sales.

Ad Clicks

The number of times ads in your Sponsored Ads and/or Ad Campaigns are clicked.

Ad Daily Budget

The average daily amount sellers are willing to spend on Sponsored Ads and/or Ad Campaigns.

Ad Impressions

The number of customers who have viewed a specific ad.

Ad Orders

The number of individual orders made by customers who have clicked on a Sponsored Ad.

Ad Sales

The product sales generated from your Sponsored Ads and/or Ad Campaigns.

Ad Spend

The charges for your Amazon Sponsored Ads and/or Ad Campaigns.

Ad Status

The current status of your Sponsored Ads and/or Ad Campaigns. The status may be tagged us running, paused, ended, scheduled, archived, incomplete, out of budget, or payment failure.

Ad Status: Archived

The status shown for Ads and Campaigns that are ineligible and cannot be paused or enabled.

Ad Status: Paused

The status shown for Ads and Campaigns that are on hold and will not show in ad placements.

Ad Status: Running

The status shown for Ads and Campaigns that are eligible and will show in ad placements.

Ad Targeting

The option that determines whether the seller will select their own Ad Keywords (Manual Targeting), or let Amazon automatically select keywords for specific campaigns (Automatic Targeting).

Advertising Payments

Fees that Amazon charges sellers based on the number of clicks received on Ads and Campaigns.

Advertising Reports

The collection of business reports easily downloadable by Amazon sellers through Amazon Seller Central (recently added in Vendor Central as well). In Advertising Reports, sellers can access information about their advertising campaigns and ads; Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, and even Headline Search Ads.

Affiliate Marketing

A marketing agreement wherein an online retailer pays an external website a commission for sales generated through its referrals.


The largest internet retailer, e-Commerce, and cloud computing company in the world measured by revenue and market capital.

Amazon Australia

The official Amazon online shopping platform in Australia.

Amazon Basics

Amazon's private label brand which offers everyday items from kitchetware to tech accessories - and everything in between.

Amazon Brazil

The official Amazon online shopping platform in Brazil.

Amazon Business

The Amazon B2B marketplace that provides business customers with features and benefits specifically designed for businesses of all sizes.

Amazon Canada

The official Amazon online shopping platform in Canada.

Amazon Condition Guidelines

The Amazon-regulated grading system that ensures standards of quality between new, used, and collectible products.

Amazon EU

The official Amazon online shopping platform in the European Union.

Amazon Fee

Any fee incurred by Amazon to sell on their platform.

Amazon Global Selling

An Amazon service that allows sellers to list and sell their products on other Amazon marketplaces in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Amazon India

The official Amazon online shopping platform in India.

Amazon Japan

The official Amazon online shopping platform in Japan.

Amazon Launchpad

An Amazon service that helps sellers sell and deliver innovative products to Amazon customers. Through this service, Amazon offers onboarding support, marketing services, webinars and training.

Amazon Live

A 24-hour live-stream space on Amazon, enabling sellers to use the Amazon Live app to host live broadcasts to promote and sell their products.

Amazon Marketing Group (AMG)

An Amazon platform that's primarily focused on brand building. This gives brands the opportunity to buy display ads, mobile banner ads, mobile interstitial ads, image and text ads, in-stream video ads, and Kindle advertising.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

The Amazon advertising option for 1P Sellers selling directly to Amazon Retail. AMS options may include Headline Search (banner ads appearing at the top of product search pages), Product Display (ads appearing on a competitor's product page), and Sponsored Products (a product ad appearing in search results that may show up regardless of who retains the Buy Box).

Amazon Mexico

The official Amazon online shopping platform in Mexico.

Amazon Middle East

The official Amazon online shopping platform in the Middle East.

Amazon Prime

Amazon's shipping subscription program which promises Amazon customers unlimited two-day shipping on products that are Prime-Eligible. Most products sold by Amazon Retail and 3P sellers using the FBA program are Prime-Eligible.

Amazon Retail

The Amazon storefront wherein Amazon purchases products at wholesale costs, merchandises them, and resells them on their website. Amazon Retail products retain control of the Buy Box (See Buy Box).

Amazon Selling Coach

A feature in Amazon Seller Central that offers business recommendations to sellers according to their business performance.

Amazon Stores

Selling platform on the Amazon marketplace where registered sellers, vendors, and agencies can create a store for free to sell their products.


Amazon Standard Identification Number. These 10-digit identifiers are assigned by Amazon upon launching a product on the platform. The ASIN identifies a specific product, but is not tied to a specific seller.

Automated Pricing

An Amazon tool that allows sellers to have their products automatically repriced depending on their set minimum and maximum product price.

Automatic Targeted Ads

Ads that are targeted according to relevant search terms determined by Amazon. These ads require enrolling products in Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising and campaigns.


B2B Central

The Amazon hub that provides information to businesses to better understand, manage, and grow their Amazon business-to-business (B2B) channel.


The section of the Amazon Seller Account or Product Listing that allows sellers to enrich content and provide additional information.

Best-Seller Ranking (BSR)

The ranking of products in each category according to Amazon's calculation of sales. This is updated hourly to show recent and historical sales of every item sold on


The Bid+ button allows sellers to raise bids in an ad or campaign up to 50% more than the default bid when ads are eligible to show at the top of the search results. This is an option for manually targeted advertising campaigns (See Manually Targeted Ads).


A real-time Amazon auction process wherein ads are competing to be ranked, ordered or displayed highest based on a combination of the seller’s bid and the ad’s relevance to the shopper's search. The bidding winner gains increased ad visibility.

Black Hat

Slang term for operators undermining Amazon listings by violating Amazon's guidelines, often with militious intent.

Brand Analytics

A feature in Amazon Seller Central only accessible to sellers who own a brand, or those who serve as agents, representatives, or manufacturers for a brand. Brand Analytics offers valuable insights to help brand owners make informed and strategic decisions about their products and advertising activities.

Brand Registry

A program on Amazon that helps brands protect their registered trademarks and create accurate and trusted information for customers. Registered brands gain access to A+ Enhanced Brand Content options. (See Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)).


Money allocated for advertising. When a seller creates a new advertising campaign for Sponsored Products, they will set a daily budget. For Sponsored Brands, there is an option to set a daily budget and lifetime budget.


A sales and marketing funnel tactic that aims to increase the total purchase by a consumer.

Business Price

The discounted price available only to business customers, regardless of quantity purchased. This is different from the regular price available to all Amazon customers.

Business Profile

The profile created by sellers registered in the Amazon B2B marketplace (See Amazon Business).

Business Reports

The report provided by Amazon to its sellers that allows them to monitor sales and track the growth of their business on Amazon.

Business-Only Offer

An offer that only has a business price. This option is only available to Amazon Business customers and is not available to all Amazon customers.

Business-to-business (B2B)

Business conducted between companies. Amazon sellers may qualify to sell theirs products directly to businesses in addition to all Amazon customers.

Buy Box

The purchase point for Amazon customers. This is a section on a product page where customers can directly add items to their shopping carts. Multiple sellers offering the same producton on Amazon must compete to “win the Buy Box” to land the sale. (See Buy Box Winner/Holder)

Buy Box Algorithm

The algorithm used by Amazon to select the default seller whose product will be added when the customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button.

Buy Box Winner/Holder

The default seller determined by Amazon, through various criterias, who shows up on the product listing and whose product will be added when the customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button. Simply put, the seller that currently controls the Buy Box.

Buy-One-Get-One Promotion (BOGO)

A promotion template on Amazon which allows sellers to offer two products for the price of one to help promote a new product or to offer current customers a different buying option.



The framework for a launching and managing a collection of Amazon Sponsored Ads. Campaigns allow sellers to group their ads by certain specifications like timeframe, budget, a specific line of products, or any other theme that makes numerous ads easier to manage.

Carousel Content

An Amazon Advertising option (open to registered brands) allowing sellers to use a scrolling carousel of tiles to display multiple features in a product listing's Enhanced Brand Content section. (See Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)).


An Amazon group of products divided according to shared characteristics, uses, and functions. All products have a broad category placement or department; in addition, many products have additional sub-category placements.

Cease and Desist Letter

AKA C&D letters; in the Amazon marketplace, a Cease and Decist Letter is a tool for brands to communicate to unauthorized sellers selling their products on Amazon. While some unauthorized sellers ignore these letters, many sellers will stop selling the brand on Amazon in fear of any potential future legal action.

Chargeback Claims

Requests made by Amazon customers to sellers for refunds through their credit card company. A buyer will contact their credit card company to request a chargeback, who then contacts Amazon for the details of the transaction; Amazon then contacts the seller for the correct transaction information.

Child ASIN

Any additional product ASIN sharing a Variation Listing with the Parent ASIN.(See Variation Listing)

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

The rate of ad clicks calculated by dividing the total number of ad clicks for a specific ad by the total number of impressions (ad views).

Conversion Rate

The percentage rate at which customers are clicking on a product ad or listing and purchasing the product.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

The total of all costs spent to create a product or service that has been sold. For private label products, this may also include the cost of materials, packaging, shipping, taxes, etc.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

The price a seller pays each time a customer clicks on their Sponsored Ad.

Cost-Per-Mil/Thousand/Impression (CPM/CPI)

The price sellers pay each time 1,000 customers view their Sponsored Ads.


Items that are fake replicas of a trademarked product. As such, the legal brand owner has a right to protect its brand and file a suit against the seller or an infringement complaint on Amazon. If a seller is proven to be selling counterfeits, Amazon punishes them by suspending or terminating their seller account.


An Amazon discount program used by sellers to offer discounts on their products to drive traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

CRAP Products

Amazon's term for 1P products that "Can't Realize a Profit" - CRAP.

Customer Conversion

A metric that determines which items show up at the top of the search results when customers search for products on Amazon within a 24-hour period. If 100 customers click on a product and 10 of them buy it within 24 hours, the customer conversion rate would be 10%.

Customer Reviews

Reviews posted by customers about their entire buying experience (See Product Reviews).

Customs Clearance

The act of meeting the standards of official government departments in regards to duties levied for imported goods.


Daily Budget

The amount or advertising money sellers are willing to spend on a campaign each day.

Duty Tax

A tax levied by a government on imported and exported products and services.


Early Reviewer Program

A program on Amazon that encourages customers who purchased products enrolled in the program to leave an honest review and receive a small incentive from Amazon in return. The catch is, customers don't know which Amazon products are enrolled in the program; this ensures that the reviews are genuine and not affected by the reward.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

A program on Amazon that allows sellers to create more detailed product descriptions with higher quality images and contents. Commonly referred to as the A+ tool, the EBC feature enables brand owners to market their products in a more professional way, resulting in increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and increased sales when used effectively.

European Article Number (EAN)

The International Article Number used in global trade to identify a retail product from a specific manufacturer.


The process of sending products or services to sell in a different country.


FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

An Amazon program for 3P sellers that enables them to ship their inventory to Amazon warehouses wherein Amazon takes care of handling, storage, and distribution. This is Amazon's fee-based order fulfillment service that has been made available for Prime Shipping and Super Save Shipping to Amazon customers, making this a critical strategy for most 3P sellers.

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)

The FBA counterpart where, instead of Amazon, the sellers take care of shipping their own products when sold from the Amazon marketplace.

Free Shipping Promo

A promotion template on Amazon that allows sellers to offer limited-time free shipping on specific products in their catalogs.

Fulfillment Center (FC)

A large warehouse where products are stored, prepared, handled, and shipped on behalf of Amazon and its 3P Sellers.

Fulfillment Fee

For 3P Sellers utilizing the Fulfillment by Amazon program, this is the cost Amazon charges to pick, handle, prepare, and ship sold products to customers.


Gated Category

A division of restricted product categories that are not open to sellers without prior approval from Amazon. For first-time sellers, it's smart to check if your items are going to fall under these categories. If they are, make sure to start the ungating request process immediately after registration.

Giveaway Promo

A promotion template on Amazon allowing sellers to offer their products for free for to promote brand awareness.

Grey Hat

Slang term for operators manipulating Amazon's policies by bending the rules and taking advantage of loopholes.

Gross Profit

The total profit made by a company after deducting manufacturing, labor, service, and selling costs.


Headline Search Ad

An Amazon ad appearing at the top of search results. This option is open to registered brands and allows them to list a minimum of three products.



The process of bringing products or services to sell from a different country.


Customer views for specific ads.


The products sellers have listed and are available on Amazon for purchase.





Relevant word combinations or phrases that describe your products. Keywords are used to match the search terms customers use to find products on Amazon.


Landing Page

AKA the homepage of a brand's website, collection, or dedicated sale.

Large Oversize

Large packages with a maximum weight of 150 pounds, measuring a maximum of 108 inches by 165 inches on its longest side (length + girth).

Lead Magnet

An incentive offered in exchange for a potential buyer's contact information. Lead magnets could be digital or downloadable content like eBooks, white papers, PDFs, videos, etc.

Lifestyle Photos

Photos that showcase the product as part of people's daily lives.

Lifetime Budget

The total amount or advertising money sellers are willing to spend on a campaign for as long as it runs. The minimum amount for a lifetime budget is $100 and allows sellers to take advantage of high traffic periods. This is the counterpart of Daily Budget (See Daily Budget).

Lightning Deals

A limited-time promotional offer on Amazon where products are featured for several hours on the Amazon Deals page.


Manual Targeted Ads

Advertisements targeted to relevant search terms by the sellers themselves. This option allows sellers to input specific keywords to target for their ads and campaigns. (See Automatic Targeted Ads).

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

The price the brand recommends to its retailers for a specific product in order to set a standardized price across marketplaces.

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)

The lowest price sellers can offer a product as enforced by the brand.

Marketing Funnel

AKA sales funnel or purchase funnel; a customer-focused marketing model that showcases the theoretical journey of customers toward their purchase.


An e-Commerce platform that allows 3P Sellers to offer and sell new or used products.

Medium Oversize

Medium-sized packages with a maximum weight of 150 pounds, measuring a maximum of 108 inches by 130 inches on its longest side (length + girth).

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

For bulk orders, this is the lowest order volume allowed by manufacturers for specific products.

Minimum Retail Price (MRP)

This is the lowest price retailers can offer a product as enforced by the brand.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment

An Amazon program allowing sellers to list and sell their products on other channels in addition to Amazon. Through the Multi-Channel Fulfillment program, Amazon picks and packs your products then ships them to customers who have placed orders on other channels.


Negative Keywords

Designated keywords that prevent your ads from showing up when a customer's search terms are irrelevant to your products. The use of negative keywords is a smart strategy to reduce Advertising Cost of Sales (See ACoS) and increase your Return on Ad Spend (See RoAS).

Net Profit

The profit a company makes after deducting all operating costs, tax expenses, and the costs of making and selling its products or the costs of providing its services.


Online Arbitrage

The process of purchasing products from one e-Commerce platform and then selling the same products on another e-Commerce platform at a higher price.

Opt-in Pages

In Marketing, a funnel giving potential customers the choice to subscribe to, get involved with, or receive something from a website.

Order Defect Rates (ODR)

An Amazon performance metric that rates the seller's customer service standards. The ODR is calculated by dividing the number of negative feedbacks by the number of overall orders within a set period of time. Sellers with an ODR greater than 1% are ineligible to win the Buy Box.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

A manufacturer that produces equipment and parts that may be offered for sale by another company.


Page View Percentage

The percentage of visits to specific products relative to the total number of page visits for the entire catalog.

Page Views

The actual clicks or visits to your offer pages over a given time period or session.

Parent ASIN

The main product ASIN on a Variation Listing (See Variation Listing)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Amazon's Sponsored Products advertising program allowing sellers to create ad campaigns for their products by paying for each customer click on a specific ad.

Percentage Off Promo

A product promotion template on Amazon allowing sellers to create discounts on one or more products to inspire customers to buy more.

Performance Notifications

A page in the Amazon Seller Central portal providing sellers with information on how they're doing in regards to Amazon customer satisfaction.


A group of Sponsored Campaigns created by sellers that organizes Sponsored Ads by brand, product category, or season. This option gives sellers a structure to manage their advertising activity and see budget allocations per campaign.

Premium Shipping

A shipping option on Amazon with a handling time of zero days, available to Amazon Prime subscribers. (See Amazon Prime)


The amount of money required to purchase a product.

Private Label

Refers to a product manufactured, packaged, and sold under the name of the retailer rather than that of the manufacturer.

Product Detail Page

The visual representation of a product listing on Amazon where customers can view the title, brand name, images, bullet points, product description, price, shipping time frame, and eligible sellers offering a product.

Product Display Ads

Targeted Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ads that funnel customers from a similar product listing page - these often appear under the "add to cart" button.

Product Diversions

The act of selling products in sales channels unauthorized by the brand or trademark owners.

Product Review Groups

These are public or private groups willing to review products for Amazon sellers in exchange for purchasing said products at a steep discount (40-99% off regular price). These review groups are expected to leave genuine product reviews.

Promotional Sales Discounts

Discounts in the form of coupon codes, dollar- or percent-off deals, or buy-one-get-one promos; these do not include Amazon-controlled promotional deals like Lightning Deals.





The average review star rating given by Amazon customers to specific products.

Recovery Rate

Refers to the percentage of products damaged as compared to products returned.

Retail Arbitrage

The process of finding and purchasing underpriced products in a retail store to sell at a higher price on Amazon. This business model does not involve purchasing from manufacturers or distributors.

Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)

A company's revenue for every dollar spent on advertising. To calculate, divide revenue by cost (RoAS = Revenue / Cost).

Return Rate

The percentage of products returned as compared to products shipped.

Returned Sales

The amount of sales lost to product returns in a given time frame which can update up to the end of the 45-day return period.


A company or a brand's income received from the sale of their products or services.


Sale Price

The discounted price of an item relative to its regular list price.


The amount received by the seller for selling their products or services in a given time period.

Sales Page

A webpage strategically created to sell discounted products.

Same Day Handling

A shipping option on Amazon enabling eligible sellers to set Same Day handing times on their current and new Shipping Templates. (Only applicable to Domestic Standard and Expedited Delivery options).


A single (or small quantity) of a specific product shipped to a buyer by the manufacturer or wholesaler to demonstrate the product quality and/or service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of increasing website traffic by increasing a webpage's visibility with Keywords that can be discovered by a web search engine (See Keywords). In Amazon, this helps sellers list their products in a way that's easily searchable by their customers.

Sell-Through Rate

The rate of clicks on a specific product listing or ads that actually convert to sales.


An individual, company, or brand that sells something.

Seller Central

The Amazon portal used by 3P sellers to list and maintain products on the platform. Seller Central offers more manual control than its counterpart, Vendor Central.

Seller Feedback

A rating given to 3P Sellers by customers who have purchased their product/s on Amazon. Seller Feedback includes a star-rating (1 to 5 stars) and a review that describes their buying and product experience.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

An Amazon program allowing 3P Sellers to list their products as Prime-eligible and handle product shipments at the same time.

Seller Performance

The organization on Amazon that patrols and regulates the Marketplace. They oversee seller behaviors, ranging from on-time shipments, to customer complaints, to seller notifications about regulation updates on the Amazon Marketplace.

Seller Suport

The Amazon outlet for all sellers seeking answers to questions about their business.

Session Percentage

The percentage of sessions containing at least one page view for a specific product relative to the total sessions for all products in a seller's catalog.


AKA customer visits or clicks on a seller's product listing page within a 24-hour period.

Small oversize

Small packages with a maximum weight of 70 pounds, measuring a maximum of 60 inches by 130 inches on its longest side (length + girth).

Small standard sized

Small packages with a maximum weight of 12 ounces, measuring a maximum of 15 inches on its longest side, 0.75 inches on its shortest side, and 12 inches or less on its median side.

Special oversize

Extra large packages that exceed one or more of the following: over 150 pounds in dimensional weight or unit weight, over 108 inches on its longest side, or over 165 inches on its longest side plus girth. Also, products that require special handling or delivery.

Sponsored Brands Ads

A paid product advertisement on Amazon that features a brand's logo, a custom headline, and up to three products that appear in multiple locations on web and mobile pages, including above the search results.

Sponsored Brands Campaigns

A paid product advertisement on Amazon that helps sellers to develop brand awareness with customizable ads that redirect customers to the company's landing page upon clicking.

Sponsored Product Ads

A Pay-Per-Click advertising method allowing 3P Sellers to promote their products with keyword-targeted ads (See Manual Targeted Ads and Automatic Targeted Ads). Products enrolled in Sponsored Ads appear in highly visible placements on the Amazon Marketplace.

Stale Inventory

Inventory that goes unsold for an extensive period of time, or is considered unsellable without the help of discounted prices.

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

Unique identifiers for products, determined by sellers, that usually contain a combination of letter and numbers.


An Amazon service that lets vendors and sellers set up their own stores inside the Amazon Marketplace. For brands selling on Amazon, setting up a Storefront allows Amazon customers to discover and engage with all of the products sold by the brand.

Subscribe and Save

Amazon program allowing customers to enroll in regular deliveries of frequently purchased products.

Suppressed Buy Box

A removed purchase portal on a listing often occurring when the seller is performing below Amazon standards in regards to content, customer service, and/or shipping.

Suppressed Listing

A listing with removed search and browse discoverability, often due to incorrect or restricted content.




Unit Session Percentage

The number of product views relative to the number of products purchased in a given period of time or session.

Unit Session Percentage

The number of product views relative to the number of products purchased in a given period of time or session.

Universal Product Code (UPC)

A unique combination of numbers and letters, AKA a barcode system that is used globally to track trade items in stores.

Unverified Reviews

Reviews left by Amazon customers with unconfirmed purchases of a product on Amazon. Unverified Reviews are weighted less when calculating Amazon review averages. (See Verified Reviews).


A marketing strategy where sellers induce the customers to purchase higher priced items and encourage upgrades or add-ons to make a more profitable sale.


Variable Closing Fee

A payment Amazon charges sellers for every item sold through the Amazon platform in addition to Referral Fee (see Referral Fee). For sellers who don't pay for monthly subscriptions, the Variable Closing Fee is calculated as a per-item charge.

Variation Listing

A product listing shared by multiple related products that differ slightly in variation themes (i.e. size, color). Not all categories support Variation Listings - Valid Values for variations are provided by Amazon.

Vendor Central

The Amazon portal used by 1P Sellers to list and maintain products that have been sold wholesale to Amazon. Vendor Central is by invite only and products sold through the portal are ultimately shipped from and sold by Amazon.

Verified Reviews

Reviews left by Amazon customers who have confirmed purchases of a product on Amazon. Verified reviews are weighted more heavily when calculating Amazon review averages.


White Hat

Slang term for any Amazon Seller who is compliant with Amazon's Marketplace policies.


The selling of goods in bulk at a reduced cost to retailers.







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